Pool Heat Pumps

Water Plant stock a range of heat pumps that are energy-efficient for heating pool water for very small or large residential pools.


Energy Efficiency: 

Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient for heating pool water. They transfer heat from the surrounding air or ground to the pool water, making them a more economical choice than electric resistance heaters or gas heaters.

Cost Savings: 

Heat pumps can significantly reduce your pool heating costs over time, especially when compared to gas heaters. While the initial cost may be higher, the energy savings can make up for it in the long run.

Consistent Temperature: 

Heat pumps maintain a consistent pool water temperature. They can heat the water to your desired comfort level and keep it there, ensuring that you have a comfortable swimming experience every time.

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Pool Chemicals

Water Plant has a stock of the best products for all your swimming pool needs. It is important to maintain your pool throughout the year whether the pool is used or not.  We also stock pool solar covers to not only make it warm but keep it clean and reduce water loss.

We do swimming pool water testing

Bring a sample of your pool water to us and we will test it and let you know what it needs to be blue again. We have a simple test and an advanced test and all the chemicals to solve the problem.

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