Pool Lab Mega Shock 5L

Pool Lab™ Mega Shock eliminates algae infestations and assists in removing organic staining.

Pool Lab Mega Shock is a powerful chlorine-based shock treatment designed to quickly and effectively sanitize swimming pools.

It helps to remove contaminants, kill bacteria and algae, and maintain clear, clean water. Helps to clear cloudy water, restoring it to a sparkling state.

Breaks down chloramines (combined chlorine), which are responsible for strong chlorine odors and eye irritation.

Provides a powerful boost to the routine sanitation program, ensuring consistent water quality.

Regular shock treatments can help prevent algae from taking hold in the pool.

Before adding Pool Lab Mega Shock, test the pool water’s chlorine level and pH. Adjust the pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 for optimal results.

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