Pool Salt Chlorinators

Water Plant stock a wide range of salt chlorinators. Salt chlorinators provide a steady and consistent supply of chlorine, eliminating the need for manual dosing and reducing fluctuations in chlorine levels. With a salt chlorinator, pool owners have to handle fewer chemicals, as the system produces chlorine automatically. This results in less frequent water testing and chemical adjustments.

The low and steady concentration of salt in saltwater pools is generally gentler on swimmers’ skin, eyes, and hair compared to traditional chlorine pools. Though the initial investment in a salt chlorinator may be higher, it can lead to long-term savings on chlorine purchases, making it a cost-effective option over time. Salt chlorinators produce chlorine from salt, reducing the need for the transportation and storage of traditional chlorine chemicals, thus making them more eco-friendly.

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Pool Chemicals

Water Plant has a stock of the best products for all your swimming pool needs. It is important to maintain your pool throughout the year whether the pool is used or not.  We also stock pool solar covers to not only make it warm but keep it clean and reduce water loss.

We do swimming pool water testing

Bring a sample of your pool water to us and we will test it and let you know what it needs to be blue again. We have a simple test and an advanced test and all the chemicals to solve the problem.

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