Africhem Stabilised Chlorine Pills 1,6kg

90% stabalised chlorine| Sanitises pool water and inhibits algae growth. Africhem Stabilised Chlorine Pills are a convenient and effective way to maintain clean and sanitary swimming pool water.

The stabilised form ensures prolonged chlorine presence, reducing the need for frequent additions.

Pre-measured pills make it easy to add the right amount of chlorine to your pool without the need for complicated measurements.

Designed to dissolve slowly, providing a steady release of chlorine over time.

Contains cyanuric acid, which stabilises the chlorine and protects it from being broken down by sunlight, ensuring longer-lasting effectiveness.

Helps maintain consistent chlorine levels, reducing the need for frequent dosing. Provides powerful disinfection, killing harmful microorganisms and algae, ensuring the pool water is safe for swimming.

Breaks down organic matter such as oils, sweat, and other debris, improving water clarity.

Place the pills in the skimmer basket or floating dispenser to ensure they dissolve slowly and evenly distribute chlorine throughout the pool.

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