Domed I-Lumen-8 Poolite Blue 72 LED

The new NIXIN Stainless Steel 72 LED Domed I-Lumen-8 Poolite is our new range of LED lights with our new breakthrough reflective technology. This light uses a wet reflector to maximise the reflective capabilities of the s/steel reflector in the light, therefore even further distances can be reached in a pool.

The flat design assists automatic pool cleaners in crawling over the light without falling off the wall.


  • Lamp – 72LED replaceable lamp  |  Wattage – 5watt
  • Input Voltage – 12volt AC/DC | Beam Angle – 180 degrees
  • SST Face Plate Outside Diameter – 23omm
  • IP Rating – IP68 | Cable – 1.5m x 1.5mm 2 core cabtyre cable

It is important to remember that ALL our LED light must be connected a 12Volt supply from a transformer